So I applied for a job.  Almost the perfect job. (Would possibly have been perfect had ‘must have initials FMM‘ been added to the mandatory selection criteria).

I didn’t get the job. Bummer.

Here’s how it unfolded.

Got invited for interview. Got sent pre-interview paperwork. Filled in pre-interview paperwork.

Turned up ridiculously early for interview – loitered in hospital foyer until reasonably early time approached.  Must have looked like I belonged there as several people approached me for information and directions and I was able to help them all.

Apparently my charcoal interview suit with red power shirt looks remarkably similar to the red polar fleece vests worn bythe volunteers ! (yes I mentioned this at interview – the helpfulness not the interview outfit – the panel could see I as wearing charcoal and red)

Was given the list of questions that would be asked at interview (what a brilliant idea – love it, love it, love it)

Had an interview that went for an hour and a half. Loved every minute of it. Didn’t seem like an hour and a half.

Walked out feeling really good about myself and the interview.

Saw a large German Shepherd named Rocky in the ladies toilets. Woman  accompanying  Rocky  tells me he’s lovely with the patients.

Not sure about Rocky’s ‘loveliness’ so decide not to take him to task for being in the ladies  toilet when he’s a boy dog (and older than 6).

Went back to work feeling good.

Found out a couple of weeks later that  I didn’t get the job – so where to from here?