MinutesPlease is a website that allows you to place limits on the amount of time you spend on a particular website.

For example if you want to cap your facebooking to 10 minutes – then go to the minutesplease website and enter the facebook address and 10 minutes.

With one minute to go you’ll get a warning popup that you have 1 minute left and when your time is up you’re taken back to the minutesplease page (so you could go straight back to fb for another 10 minutes)


You can also drag a 10 minute button to your toolbar, or use an ‘all-in-one’ type url too (rather than going to minutesplease and then entering facebook address and time)  such as: minutesplease.com/15m/facebook.com which sets your facebook limit to 15 minutes.

I reckon if you’re prone to ‘stuffing around’ on a site this would be a very useful little tool.