I’ve been thinking (there’s that word again) about how we could use twitter in our library.

At the moment we just feed our blog posts into it However I’m sure we could use it way more effectively than that.

We’ve discussed using it as an IM alternative for reference enquiries – which I think is a good idea (unfortunately I’m not on the team that would be involved in that so I’m looking for, and at, other opportunities)

Reminders – Joe Bloggs speaking at Blah blah library this evening – still a few tickets left.

Info – talk goes for 45 mins then tea & coffee; library closed for snow day

Once the wireless is installed – then live blogging from the booktalks would be a possibility.

The good folk over at mashable have a very interesting post on how Obama & the White House use twitter. They also give examples of several other world leaders, including Kevin Rudd, and point out how they think Twitter would best be used.

Now I know we are a library and not a world leader but some of their points are more about effective, informative use of Twitter which apply as much to a library as they do to the President of the United States.

Colleen Graffey  (the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for public democracy ) makes a good point about encouraging  all embassies  to have someone on staff with a social network portfolio.


(Image from mashable )

Something to think about mayhaps?