Fuser – where inboxes meet.

Discovered this a couple of weeks ago. It’s a way of putting all your webmail accounts and/or social networks in one place.

You don’t get an @fuser.com email address – rather I’ve set up my 3 gmail, 2 yahoo, 1 fastmail, & 1 hotmail so that by logging into fuser and I can access all the in boxes at once.

The system is by no means perfect – so far the mail accounts have to be in US english (some of mine were in UK English) – but that was easily fixed. I also had a *lot* of trouble getting my yahoo accounts in there – it took 10 days of trying (don’t call me a quitter!) but finally they were there.

I’ve also set one up for the work email addresses I monitor – can’t access fuser from work at the moment, which is a nuisance, but hopefully that will change soon.

Fuser also has a social networking application but I haven’t played with that yet!

All in all I can see a lot of uses for fuser both at home and at work.