are probably my most used 2.0 programs. Before the 23 things I was using google reader but once I discovered bloglines I was hooked.

I’m currently following 456 feeds – probably a 50/50 split between business & personal (with a fair few that are both).

I usually check bloglines once in the morning & once in the evening and generally average 300-400 posts per day.

A lot of these I skim read  – I’ve got the defaults set up so that I can usually tell from the subject line or the first sentence whether I want to read  the whole post or not.

I spend maybe 30 minutes a day checking bloglines.

Posts that I want to keep are tagged in – I have set up some standard tags  – for stuff I think would be useful for work (to blog about, to experiment with) – for study (if I decide to do the innovation thing) –  and for bibliotheque tapsister – just in case.

I don’t know I’d cope without these 2 – they are just so useful in so many ways.

From a work point of view I do wish more people would try and see and/or understand that these do have applications  in the workplace and that they are not the spawn of the devil (or is that me?) sent to bring about the downfall of public libraries as we know them. (Don’t let me get on that particular soapbox…)

There are a lot of good ideas out there that would increase and improve our service and bloglines is one way of finding out about them and how other libraries are using them.