In Jan 08 I was planning a week in Brisbane, visiting friends – when I discovered that there was a little 2.0 conference “Beyond the Hype” scheduled for while I was there. After reading the program I decided to part with some of my hard earned readies and attend the 2 day conference.

That was probably one of the best decisions I made all year. The conference was great – I came home brimming with ideas, with pages of notes and full of enthusiasm for 2.0 things we could introduce at my work. Mind you much of the enthusiasm was beaten out of me during the year, yet still I remain hopeful that we can continue to adopt 2.0 technologies.

I also got to attend a few sessions at the VALA conference. Whilst this was extremely  interesting I didn’t get the same level of enthusiasm from it that I did from Beyond the Hype. ( I think, mainly because BTH was more about things  that I could do whereas VALA was more Library Manager level, imho).

Many of the projects I was enthused by at BTH required only time and management support to develop – ie: no additional expense, or software, or technology etc., just time.

We have introduced some of these – blogs, facebook, bebo, nings, wikis, are all being used, developed or investigated. We’re on bookjetty, & our facebook page links to our library catalogue.

We incorporated 2.0 photo tools into an internet demo, and more are planned for next year.

What else would  I like to see us doing?

* Photo collections on Flickr

* LibraryThing tags in our catalogue

*Podcasts (currently my 2nd worst work bete noir – but I’m getting there), Vodcasts

*IM at info desk

*Mobile/sms catalogue

*More open source as part of our SOE

*Wifi (coming I know)

I’m sure I’ll think of more but I’ll post them later.

Next up will be my list of  favourite 2.0/2.1 tools for 2008.