As 2008 draws to a close it’s time to look back over 2008 and my techie & 2.0 highlights.

Gadget wise 2008 was the year of the eee pc. I first saw one at the Beyond the Hype conference and fell instantly in love. I was able to hold out until April before I bought one.

It has more than repaid my investment. There are newer, flashier, models out now but my little toy still reigns supreme.  It weighs next to nothing, fits in a padded envelope, and has been my constant companion since April.

In the category of gadgets not yet owned by me – the winner is probably the iphone. My ‘brother-in-law’ has an iphone so I’ve had a play with it and really like its functionality and ease of use.

My phone contract is up early in the new year and i can’t guarantee that I won’t be an iphone owner by Easter.

E-book readers.  I had thought that 2008 might be the year I bought a dedicated e-book reader but so far I don’t feel the need! The kindle (amazon) is not yet in Oz , and the Dymocks ebook reader doesn’t appeal. I think for my ebook reading i’ll stick to the eeepc, my palm pilot, mobile phone, ipod, and soon my nintendo ds for all my e-book reading requirements.

Next up I’ll look at the 2.0/2.1 applications that made me love my job again, and postponed my future career  (slinging burgers at Macca’s) a little longer.