Following up on the Firefox disaster that afflicted main laptop I finally found the time to see if Mozy could restore my faith in the ‘fox.

I was, easily, able to restore the missing files from Mozy however the next time I started firefox it self-destructed again. This happened twice more before I got the message. (my Firefox installation was doomed, or at the very least corrupt).

So I tried a new tactic – this time when I re-installed the files from my backup on Mozy I backed them as a txt file offline.

I then uninstalled firefox – including all the add ons and tweaks. Re-booted, and then downloaded a clean copy of firefox. I was able to easily import my saved (firefox specific) bookmarks.

I then started re-installing my add ons, one by one, (and testing after each one).

Eventually I came to the conclusion that the problem was clipmarks – when I reinstalled it –  firefox crashed.

So I re-installed everything again (except clipmarks) and peace has been restored to Mont Albert.

Clipmarks works fine with IE7 (so I’ll use it there and avoid using it with firefox)