Well the eee and I are back from NZ. We both had a great time.

The specially designed laptop case I had made for the eee was a roaring success so much so that several other eee owners were going out to buy their own…

laptop-bag1 It is the perfect size for the eee.  And at A$1.25 per bag it is disposable as well. (once you take the eee out of it!). It caused some chortles at customs as I admitted to having a laptop and asked if I needed tom take it out of its bag – they said no so I proceeded to place a padded envelope in the tray.

I’d been looking for an eee specific small padded computer bag for travelling and hadn’t found anything that I could afford (or liked) or that was actually the right size for the computer. But this was perfect. The laptop fitted in the bag snugly giving it an extra layer of (bubble wrap) protection. The bag also lasted the whole 2 weeks with only a couple of scuff marks. Excellent.