Stephen Fry has an excellent post on his blog about travelling with cables to recharge the technology that he will be carrying with him.

Now I’m off on holidays and whilst I am taking nowhere near the amount of gadgetry he is I still fear that too big a % of my luggage will be cables.

Technology accompanying me…

Mobile phone (would take the spare one with the travel cable only it ran away some weeks ago and has yet to return)


Baby laptop (aka Asus eee)

Ipod Nano

Portable hard drive to upload photos – doesn’t need charging tho’

Zoom recorder – should I decide to podcast my adventures

Naturally enough none of these can share cables – must go to Powerhouse and see if they have a multipurpose charger set – might be worth the extra expense.

Some can be charged via the laptop I know but what if the laptop fails me?

It’s a sad state of affairs when you’re taking more cables & cords on holidays than clothes!