Now that we have a centralized phone system we have had to rethink the way we handle school holiday program bookings.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, was to find an online booking system that met our needs. The first three I tried (including one aussie one) were ok, but had flaws, too slow, too cumbersome, didn’t do what we quite wanted it to etc.

Then I came across EventBrite – what a gem. So far it seems almost perfect (a couple of things I still need to check that it can do).

It is very easy to use – you set up an account and then start creating events. EventBrite charge a % of the ticket price but if the event is free (which all of ours are) then so is eventbrite.

If their is a charge for tickets you can set it up so that people can pay for their tix online (as well as booking them online)

As well as setting up trial school holiday programs to play with I’ve also used it to organise a staff dinner, and an ASL meeting – this gives staff a chance to ‘play’ with it and, hopefully, discvover any flaws/problems etc. Funnily enough after I’d started testing it I googled eventbrite (and .au) to see who else in oz was using it (so I could find out about any problems etc.) turns out SLV use it for their online bookings too.

I’m fairly confident it will work for ASL activities, and Click goes the Library, and hopefully the school holiday program as well.