At work we have just moved from Lotus Notes to Outlook, and are about to switch to VOIP phones. The word has come down from ‘on high’ that we must start using outlook’s calendar function so that, among other things, the phones will know when we are on desk (booked ‘busy time’). I have no problem with using an online calendar – in fact I already use the superbly functional snappages.

However I have my whole life scheduled into snappages and I have to work out some way of transferring said life to outlook as I don’t want to have to re-enter everything.

I have spent the last few days reading up on Outlook’s calendar function and, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have the functionality that I love about snappages.

Today I have been googling around trying to find if there is a way to sync snappages with outlook. So far no joy.

I do not wish to run 2 online calendars but I may have to – snappages is way too useful to abandon.

Does anyone know of a way to sync snappages to outlook?