Those of you who know me will know that I love organising tools (that is tools to help with being organised rather than putting my spanners in alphabetical order!)

A new (to me anyway) entry into the mind mapping software market is wisdomap. I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and have had a fair amount of fun trying it out.

So far I’ve only tried the free version which allows you to create up to three maps.

So far I really like it (so much so that I’m considering paying (us$19) for a premium account) because I really, really like the functionality of this one.

It’s very easy to set up a map – and you can add videos, files , pictures etc to your map (these are filed in a right hand menu type area rather than under each node).

It’s fairly intuitive to use and it has overtaken mindmeister as my mind mapper of choice. (Although the limit of 3 maps is tough – hence the pondering of upgrading to a premium account)