Twitter has been having problems lately – it seems to be often over tweeted (but I do love the over tweets whale image) and this has led to a look at what other microblogging services are out there.. is a microblogging service that is getting a shedload of publicity lately. is an Open Network Service. All the software used for is free software, and all the data is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, making it open data.
According th their FAQ, if you don’t like how works, you can take your data and the source code and set up your own server (or move your account to another one). At the moment it’s not very intuitive – it took me ages to work out how to ‘follow’ someone – it was a total guess – the faq & help pages weren’t very. It is lacking a lot of features that twitter and jaiku (for example ) already have but accoridng tiot he faq’s som eof these features are not far away. Will it replace twitter? we’ll see.

Plurk looks like fun although I suspect if you are following a lot of people it could be very busy to the eye. It sets the microblogs out like a gantt chart (sort of) which is a bit different. It also seems to have a fun approach. Could be one to watch. Could it replace Twitter? Mebbe

Jaiku is an oft talked about alternative to twitter however it seems to still be in beta testing. I’ve requested invites to join since we first looked at it in learning 2.1 – but still no invite.