When I fire up my computer I also open three different browser windows.

One is Firefox. In this window I have five preset tabs. These 5 homepages are: Bloglines,  my webpage, my to-do list (remember the milk), my calendar (snappages), and Meebo (IM)

Another is Flock. Here I have four preset tabs. Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, and Twitter. What I like about Flock is that I can post to my blogs directly from Flock.

Thirdly is IE. Although it pains me to say it (and use it) some websites really do look better when viewed in IE. I use IE 7 as it has tabbed browsing (which is one of the strengths of Firefox, & Flock). In IE my preset tabs are email, my webpage,  & youtube.

I also have Opera and Safari installed but I don’t use them all that often (although I quite like opera – the browser)

I realise this does seem like overkill but there is a method in my madness. By having my webpage in IE & Firefox I can easily check for problems in the display  formatting. The others are all sites I like to have open when working on the ‘puter.

I use Flock for the more ‘social’ sites as I like the way I can personalise the ‘my world’ tab.

IE is for the more formal me.

Firefox is for the organised me.

I’ve tried only using one browser (and opening multiple windows and/or tabs) but this way seems to suit me better.