Green print is a printer program (basically) that overlays your printer so that when you click print  it brings up a print preview display with unnecessary pages highlighted in red. (If you decide the page is necessary you can ‘unhighlight’ it and print it as usual.) It also has an option for removing images such as logos and banner ads.

From the greenprint website:

“GreenPrint’s patent-pending software is a simple idea, but it solves a problem nearly everyone can relate to: The ubiquitous wasted page. This is the page with just a URL, banner ad, legal disclaimer, etc. These wasted pages occur many times a day littering homes and offices around the world and wasting money, trees, and time.”

If you’re the sort of person who always checks print preview before printing then this might prove unnecessary but if , like me, you curse yourself for printing out the useless ad. only pages then this is a really useful program.

There is also a paid version with even more features.