Clipperz is a free and anonymous online password manager. Local encryption within the browser guarantees that no one except you can read your data.

From their website:

Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded. The key for the encryption processes is a passphrase that never gets sent or saved to the server! Therefore no one except you can access your data.

Clipperz is simply in charge of delivering the Ajax code to your browser and then storing your data in an encrypted form on its servers. All encryption and decryption operations take place inside your browser.

For me the hardest part is remembering what phrase I use to log in! Once logged in you enter the details on a web ‘card’ which allows you to enable on click login on various sites.

I don’t know (yet) about saving my pin numbers etc. on it but for general web logins I think it’s really useful.