SnapPages is an online calendar manager. (It also has a photo manager, a webpage manager, and a contacts manager)

I like the calendar application. I can create multiple calendars and have them all appear on the same template and colour code them.

Unfortunately it is not quite exactly what I want in an online calendar but it is certainly the closest so far.

What I like.

Unlimited calendars (different colours — for eg. I have set up: personal (purple), work (red), desk shift (dark red), birthdays (green) and so on.

Can send myself email reminders

The colour scheme (on black) appeals to my work style.

What I don’t like.

Weeks start on Sunday (I want my week to start on Monday)

User defined repeatable entries (at the moment its daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ). I want to be able to have tasks repeat at user defined intervals (fortnightly, four weekly etc.)

The task list feature – doesn’t really do it for me. I want to be able to incorporate my ‘todo list’ into my calendar differently.


Overall though it is a very useful tool.